So you just bought your new home in paradise. You’re going to closing tomorrow and you’re super excited! Now what? Well, you’ll want to get those utilities turned on and in your own names. Here’s a handy list for you of who you need to contact to do just that.

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative (305) 852-2431 serves the electric needs of the Florida Keys residents in the Middle and Upper Keys. They are a not-for-profit company that is owned by the members. You can use their website or their mobile app to monitor your account.

For those in the Lower Keys, Keys Energy Services (Key West) (305) 295-1000 is your electric provider. They are a public utility company owned by the City of Key West and operate from the 7 mile bridge south.

No matter where you live, the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (305) 853-1999 is your water provider. They also are the managing component for a majority of the sewer connections as well. They have many offices that are conveniently located throughout the Florida Keys.

AT&T (888) 757-6500 and Comcast (800) 266-2278 / (305) 292-8376 are the most common providers for phone,cable and internet services. Comcast has an office located in Marathon on Sombrero Beach Rd near the high school and in Key West at 1010 Kennedy Drive near the Key Plaza shopping center.

You could always choose Direct TV (800) 481-6922 or Dish Network (855) 318-0572 for your satelitte services.